Dr. Coblentz was instrumental in pointing me to Jesus, and modeling for me what that looked and felt like during our counseling sessions. She guided me in prayer to a place of dependence on the Holy Spirit, through scripture and statements of affirmation that I still use today when the struggles come my way. With five little children in my care, my growing irritations were manifesting themselves in anger and a tone that was not bringing peace into my home.

Dr. Coblentz was a safe place of grace for me to vent my honest feelings, while also giving me perspective. She helped me see my children through God's eyes, and how He uniquely purposed in them for His glory. I became more aware of how He made me, and the gifts and talents that He gave me as a mother. Today, even when my irritations creep up, I use the spiritual weapons that she taught me in counseling. I highly recommend Dr. Coblentz and her God-given prayers and strategies for healing and restoration.

- Alicia

Through your expertise and counsel, I gained the tools I needed to navigate through both past and present tough times. I want to express my gratitude, because I am truly a different man, husband, and father, because of you. You led me through some troubling waters and I owe you a debt of gratitude because you equipped me with the ability to tackle my past and now as I apply the same tools in my present storm.

So now, after over two years since we last spoke, I want to properly thank you for all that you invested into my life. I am changed because of your work with me. What's more, I am better equipped to navigate my present storm because I am stronger of faith, of soul, and of mind thanks to you.

You mean more to me than just these words in this message. You were God's gift to me and my family, and that gift keeps on giving. God bless you and grant you much more grace and peace on your life and your work in the years ahead.

- John

My husband David and I began seeing Dr. Roselene Coblentz years after my health began to decline. Not only did she help us navigate through the crisis at hand, but she began where it all really started…at childhood. We never thought we were in bad shape until we understood the “baggage” we carried into our marriage. With God on our side and Roselene there to help guide us through our challenges, we can say with certainty that our marriage is stronger and healthier today than it’s ever been. Dr. Coblentz has a true gift and we can’t thank her enough for all she has done to help us along the way.

- David and Vanessa

Dr. Coblentz is truly gifted beyond a learned methodology. She has an anointed calling to do what she does. She was able to help me dig deep into my heart, mind, spirit, and past in a way that brought healing and better way. Spending time in counseling with Dr. Coblentz has truly unlocked a future that is filled with deeper meaning and greater intimacy with my wife and my relationship with God.

- David

Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift! II Corinthians 9:15. I came to Dr. Coblentz during an extremely difficult time in my life journey. My husband and I had been trying to grow our family for 8 years. I had faced several miscarriages, infertility treatments, surgeries & doctors. I was struggling with the physical pain of endometriosis, the emotional pain of loss & depression, and the spiritual pain of feeling unloved & lonely. In the midst of struggling to overcome the above I began to remember some wounds from my childhood for the first time. Our Heavenly Father used Dr. Coblentz during this challenging season of life to teach me to sit in the loving arms of My Abba Father. She helped me invite Jesus into every area of hurt, pain, sadness, & struggle. Her intercessory prayers brought me to the feet of Jesus, helped me see His love for me all over again and to embrace and walk out God's healing power through the Holy Spirit.

As I sat in her office each week, I would pour out my heart and then invite Jesus to heal all that was broken and wounded. Dr. Coblentz also helped my husband and I find restoration in our relationship through our Heavenly Father's love. I am so thankful for her sensitivity to the spirit of God, her commitment to seek the Lord's wisdom and guidance with her words of counsel, and her willingness to die to herself and allow God to use her. Because of these reasons, I recommend her to anyone I meet who is struggling to find their hope, healing and restoration in our Heavenly Father. I praise Jesus for His healing work and thank God for the sweet gift & blessing of Dr. Coblentz.

- Grace

My husband and I first went to Dr. Coblentz because our marriage was strained by his struggle with our roles in marriage and communication. In addition, I struggled to heal from an abusive relationship with my father. Dr. Coblentz gave us tools to dig out of the pit we had fallen in as a couple. More importantly, she helped us bring our stories to Jesus' feet and find healing in relationship with Him. I continued to see Dr. Coblentz on my own and she walked me through postpartum depression teaching me new ways to walk through each day in truth, grace, and strength.

My husband ended up returning to her office on his own to work through fear and rejection issues at work. He learned to listen to God speak His love and truth to him daily and gained the help needed to grow his business with confidence and freedom.

- Josh and Lindsey

When I met Dr. Coblentz I had no idea that I was about to take a journey into the heart and soul of my being. I met her seemingly whole and independent without a lot of emotions. I brought to her one problem to solve, anxiety attacks. Yet, throughout the course of our meetings she began to peel back the layers of my beliefs, ideologies, and perceived hurts. And, like with all of her clients, she began to invite Jesus into every detail of my existence. Soon, Jesus became the Savior of my story and I humbly became an object of His love and grace. My anxiety has subsided, but more importantly, my heart and all of the emotions it houses are free to walk honestly with Christ. I’m truly eternally grateful.

- Monica

Roselene walked me through parts of my story that hurt and I had tucked away for no one to find. She gave me courage to dig deep, and learn who I was in the eyes of my Abba God. She gave me time and resources that helped me realize that I am fearlessly loved and I am perfect in the eyes of my Father. I have been set free by the overwhelming grace of God.

- Ruth

Dr. C is using the gift God gave her to her full potential. I have never met someone so in tune with the Holy Spirit. She guided my husband and I through the darkest days of our marriage. We made it through infidelity and separation under her counsel and guidance. Dr. C didn't just give us the tools to get through the dark time, but to make our marriage strong, thriving and full of grace and love forever. She is my angel on earth.

- Jessica

Dr. C saved our marriage and made me a better man than I ever thought I’d be. Through a very difficult time in my life, Dr. C didn’t just “help.” She shifted my entire thought process, and led me to more spiritual, emotional and psychological growth than anyone in my life. She taught me how to become my own man, fully committed to Christ, regardless of the consequences. I was no pushover and in no easy circumstances - I never imagined I would endure the kind of hardship that our marriage went through. But Dr. C never quit. She listened closely and she matched my intensity. The result is that I gained the tools and grew. More importantly, I knew in hindsight that God had used her to prepare me for truth and reconciliation before my trials had even begun. Dr. C is an absolutely incredible counselor who I count as one of the most challenging and amazing teachers in my entire life.

- Jake